There’s no doubt that putting on an event can be a great way to get your message across and help your business achieve its objectives. Running a successful event is no mean feat - finding the right venue, organising lighting, staging, audio visual equipment, registration, health and safety - the list is seemingly endless – and you only get one chance to make the right impression.

Above all, organising any event is incredibly time consuming and costs can soon mount up if not managed carefully by people who know what they’re doing. The management team at SVES, have worked in event management for 25 years and played major parts in helping an impressive list of clients achieve their objectives.

The management team at SVES, have worked in event management for 25 years and played major parts in helping an impressive list of clients achieve their objectives.

We understand that whatever your event, large or small, regular or one-off, internally or externally focused, that it’s critical that it runs smoothly so that you can achieve your objectives from the event. From organising full blown roadshows, having a stand at a trade show, sales conference, product launch awards dinner or experiential marketing campaign, SVES has organised these types of events, and many others, both in the UK and across Europe.

So, if you’re looking for a company that you can trust to turn your idea into reality, save you the time to concentrate on your day to day responsibilities and all at costs lower than you might expect, why not contact us today to discuss your idea?


Many of our clients have relied on us to deliver their important events for over ten years. They came to SES via existing clients’ recommendations and then stayed for the professional service and great prices wherever and whenever they need to create the right impression. We didn’t even have to twist their arms very much to provide the following recommendations:

Penny Gruber
ATE Online

“ATE Online has used the SVES team for twelve years. They’ve organised all our highly successful events and exhibitions both in the UK and across Europe, providing their friendly, professional service even in the most challenging of venues! We would thoroughly recommend SVES to any company looking for a professional, cost effective and friendly service”

Ross Halliday
Musgrave GB

“Richard and the SVES team have proven priceless over the many years Londis and Budgens have used them. His knowledge and experience of all facets of conference and exhibition organisation has meant we’ve been able to turn to them at really short notice for important company-wide training sessions and internal meetings including a team-building ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition. SVES’ invaluable help has always helped us to achieve our objectives”

Les Meddick
Central Displays

“Central Displays started using SVES when we lost our regular company just before we were due to host an event. SVES stepped in at the last moment and got us of what was a potential disaster. We’ve used them ever since on projects as diverse as shopfits, exhibition stands and even a fashion show! We couldn’t recommend them more highly”

Aideen Short
Chartwell Games

“Richard and the SVES team are wonderful! They design, build and fully project manage our entire exhibition stand at key trade shows – where a professional stand can make all the difference in attracting key buyers. And their service doesn’t stop when the Show is over – they even store our graphics and promotional materials! We think SVES are brilliant!”